​Resili​​​​ent Australia Awards

The 2017 Resilient Australia Awards opened on 1 May and closed on 30 June 2017. ​​​​​Western Australian nominations ​are currently being considered by the State Assessment Panel. All nominees will be notifi​ed of the outcome in September 2017. 

The Resilient Australia Awards started in 2000 and is a national program that recognises indi​viduals, groups or organisations that demonstrate excellence and innovation​ in projects and initiatives that support communities to be better prepared and more disaster resilient. 

​Entries in the 2017 awards must relate to projects/initiatives commenced after 1 January 2015, or demonstrate significant outcomes or enhancements since 1 January 2015.​

​Award categories

S​​​tate and territory award categ​or​​ies:​

  • ​​​​​​​Resilient Australia Community Award - Open to communities, non-government organisations, tertiary colleges and universities. 
  • Resilient Australia Business Award - Open to the private sector and business.
  • Resilient Australia Government Award - Open to local government and state government. 
  • Resilient Australia School Award - Open to all public and private pre-school, primary and secondary schools only. This does not include school related projects managed by a local or state government department.
  • Resilient Australia Photography Award - People's Choice - Open to individuals and copyright holders.​

Projects which cover three or more jurisdictions (multi-jurisdiction projects):

If you have a project which crosses-over three or more states or territories you may enter your project directly into the Resilient Australia National Award category. If you have a project which crosses-over two states or territories you may select a lead jurisdiction and enter it in the appropriate award category in that jurisdiction.​

Application and assessment process​

For all award categories you will be required to submit an application online at 2017 Resilient Australia Awards Pla​tform. With the exception of the Resilient Australia Photography Award, you will be required to undertake the following as part of your application:

  • Address a set of six selection criteria which outline how your project meets the objectives of the Awards. The selection criteria and supporting guidance are at Appendix 1 and 2 of these Guidelines.
  • Ensure that you own the copyright of all material including text, photographs and video being submitted.
  • Provide any relevant supporting information, photographs and video footage.
  • Provide your organisation’s logo (300 KB – 500 KB) to be used for promotional purposes (if applicable).
For the Resilient Australia Photography Award (People’s Choice), you will be required to undertake the following as part of your application:
  • Submit one high resolution photograph depicting what disaster resilience in Australia means to you. You may submit multiple entries.
  • Include the title of the photograph, the location it was taken and an extended caption that tells the story (100 words maximum)
  • The photograph must be supplied in JPEG format, and be between 1MB to 5MB (one megabyte to five megabytes).
  • The photograph must not contain any objectionable or inappropriate content, including dangerous or inappropriate work practices. Objectionable or inappropriate photographs will be removed and deemed ineligible.
  • The applicant must be the copyright holder of the photograph being entered.
  • The applicant must be 18 years or older, or have parent/guardian permission.
  • The applicant must provide permission that the photograph can be used for promotional and work related purposes by the Australian Government, including in publications, training materials and websites by the Attorney-General’s Department with appropriate acknowledgement to the photographer.
  • The applicant provides confirmation that necessary consent has been obtained by all individuals depicted in the photograph and for the proposed use of the photograph.
The winners of the State Award will be eligible for the equivalent Resilient Australia National Award.

2017 Fact​ file: 

The awards promote initiatives that strengthen c​ommunity disaster resilience across the nation. By celebrating innovation and exemplary practice, the awards showcase work that is often unseen, motivating others to think about how they can be better prepared and more disaster resilient.

The Resilient Australia Awards are proudly sponsored by the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department in conjunction with the states and territories. OEM is the Western Australian awards convenor on behalf of the Minister for Emergency Services. Resilience-building is a key component of OEM's and SEMC's focus on emergency management in Western Australia. For more information, email ResilientAustraliaAwards@ag.gov.au.

Natural disasters are a feature of the Australian climate and landscape and are likely to continue with increasing regularity and severity. The Resilient Australia Awards reco​gnise and promote resilience-building activities which encourage excellence and innovation across all sectors of society.​

Read about the past ​Western Australian award winners: ​

For further information contact ResilientAustraliaAwards@ag.gov.au.